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Alright, I'm going to vary from the general theme here on praises and give you a more critical assessment of your story in general and your writing it's self.
First your story theme is a good one and for all that the beginnings when the human parents die is a sad event and can be powerful, I didn't feel the connection that some of the others felt. I feel that you didn't capitalize on this story feature well enough. This is why I gave you a 4.5 in vision and a 3.5 on impact
I didn't get a good feel for the emotions of the Dragoness Selena or her husband/mate Zenith. I think that you should have told more back story and given the reader more information and emotional connection to the plight the two Dragon Parents are going through. Tell us why they have been unable to have any dragonetts (Baby dragons), tell us why Selena would be willing to take a human boy as a son. A story is built on conflict; whether it is physical conflict like wars and battle, or emotional conflict like just having seen your parents die in a horrible car accident.
As was said by A-Ghra-Mo-Chroi you do need to work on your sentence structure and syntax a bit more to help the flow of the story.
I do like the formality that you gave the dragons and you could possibly add that as a source of conflict for Bryan in that he might not be used to such formality.
The reasons above are why I gave you a 2.5 in technique
Finally for originality; while friendly dragons are not the most original story piece anymore the fact that one would take in a human orphan is more unique than many other stories that I've seen over the years. I give a 4 in originality, for a grand total of 3.6 stars average
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8 out of 8 deviants thought this was fair.


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